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AFA awards ceremony by Grand Seiko

The jury composed of Nina Bassoli (curator, essayist, Lotus International), Marco Della Torre (Dean’s Office Coordinator at Accademia di Architettura Mendrisio, USI), Franco Raggi (architect and designer), Carles Muro (Associate Professor of architectural design, Politecnico di Milano), Bêka & Lemoine (international film directors) and Roberto Escobar (political philosopher and cinema critic) has decided the following awards. CATEGORY: ARCHITECTURE’S FILM Rift Fiinfinnee by Daniel Koetter (Germany 2021, 79’26”) is a work of cultural inclusion, achieved with a slow rhythm and an external look. It accompanies the viewer towards an active participation thanks to the very wide shots. It is an interpretation of the general territorial situation lead by an explorative choice that becomes a universal emotional ride. Great credit goes to the director’s solitary enterprise, that through his camera has been able to enter inside a complex geographical and social contest, building a relationship of trust with the people he encounters. Special Mention The Building by Andréas Lang (Germany 2021, 33’) The hypnotic entrance and crossing of the main entrance of the building through the memory recollection, is very impressive. Despite the silent interpretation of the architecture and architects of the régime, the expressiveness chosen to tell the story and the precisiveness of the historical facts is very appreciated. CATEGORY: STUDIO’S FILM Utopia by Joana Colomar Palazòn (Netherlands 2019, 5’) has a value in the image, the sound and the editing work. The fluid storytelling is refined and not predictable, overturning the way of communicating of a building, through the daily actions and routine of its inhabitants. This view intelligently reverses the perception of architecture, by focusing more on quality rather than on a purely formal aspect, adding well-read cinematographic quotes. Special Mention Troiane by Stefano Santamato (Italy 2019, 16’) Through the special mention, the jury would like to praise the cinematographic idea which interprets the project. The personal view of the director views the trees, which have been reduced to mere trunks, like real characters, following their re-conquering of an upright position. The message is strong and theatrically suggests a future of redemption.

Language: Italiano
Screening: 24 October 2021 ore 16:30 presso Teatro Franco Parenti, Sala Grande, via Botta 18, Milano