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Eterotopia La Maddalena

Located in the Sardinian province of Sassari, the Maddalena archipelago depicted in Ivo Pisanti’s documentary has a population of 120 people, who are gathered facing the sea for a collective exploration. In ten days of experimentation, a research laboratory coordinated by the architects’ collective Eterotopia investigates the military outposts, the case of the failed G8, the NATO occupation, the wealth of natural beauty and much more, through stories and architecture, maps and invisible patterns, panel discussions and visionary images. In the background is the heterotopia, a place of diversity and new connections between disciplines, between near and faraway places, between theory and practice. All this is perfectly embodied by the Maddalena, which throughout its history has been inhabited by shepherds and migrants, hermits and exiles, soldiers and foreign workers, and the many tourists who enjoy its beauty every year.

AFA - Architecture - Art of Thinking
Director: Ivo Pisanti
Year: 2020
Duration: 40'
Country: Italy
Language: Italian and English with subtitles in English and Italian

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