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Disco Ruin

A journey that recounts the rise and fall of clubbing in Italy, between nights on the motorway and afterhours clubs that devour the day. A parallel world where it doesn’t matter what you do during the day, but only who you “play” at night; when you go on stage showing your personality through clothing and behaviours, in continuous research between being and appearing. Forty years of Italian club culture related by the many protagonists of the time, from Baldelli to Coccoluto and on to Ralf, Alex Neri and Leo Mas among others. Four generations who wanted to be put on the list to enter these places of aggregation and perdition. Forty years in which the disco produced culture, art, trends, music, and fashion within structures built for nocturnal use only and always ready to change from season to season or depending on the evening, but that created the utopia of a better life. Those structures that every Saturday night were filled with thousands of people and that now remain there as evidence of a past civilisation, of an Italy that no longer exists. This movie is available only for live screening. Check our home page for the program.

AFA - Urban Life
Director: Lisa Bosi, Francesca Zerbetto
Year: 2021
Duration: 115'
Country: Italy
Language: Italian

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