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In a natural crisis scenario the entire population of the Azores archipelago is forced to move to the mainland due to an uncontrolled proliferation of hydrangeas that have colonized the territory and replaced the vegetation, making all activities impossible. Two young soldiers garrisoned on one of the islands move through this post-apocalyptic and at the same time sensual scenario, acting as a guide through the stories of those who are sadly forced to leave their beloved places and the innate desire to resist by inhabiting the islands. The film is shot as a documentary and unfolds between the story of the soldiers immersed in the hydrangeas and that of a honey-producing company founded by Dutch people who have sniffed out the huge opportunity of having vast lands filled only with flowers. The images thus become a nostalgic and political reflection on identity, on the importance of the places we live in, and on the roles we assume in our places of origin. Flores is an interesting piece of work, capable of arousing emotions. And it is accompanied by excellent photography.

Director: Jorge Jacome
Year: 2017
Duration: 26' 40 "
Country: Portugal
Language: Portuguese with subtitles in Italian

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