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This is Studiopepe's latest Manifesto Project: a virtual constellation that recounts all the products presented during 2020 through the language of video art and poetry. The word Desiderio is composed of the Latin prefix ‘de-‘ meaning ‘lack of’ and the word ‘sidus’ which means ‘star’. To desire something literally means ‘to lack stars’ / to ‘feel a lack of stars’, or, in other words, to feel that something is wanting and therefore foster a sentiment of passionate seeking. Desiderio (Desire) is what moves our souls and keeps us constantly curious, in the passionate and very human research for connection and beauty. Now, more than ever.

AFA - Design
Director: Flavio Pescatori, Variante Artistica, Studiopepe
Year: 2021
Duration: 9' 27 "
Country: Italy
Language: English with subtitles in English

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