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Becoming Animal

The film’s directors Peter Mettler and Emma Davie, along with renowned environmental philosopher and radical thinker David Abram, set out to discover Grand Teton National Park, known for its extraordinary variety of wildlife and geological formations dating back to different historical periods. This North American park is also known because it is host to a succession of off-road caravans with people eager to have an authentic contact with nature. The park – seen as the place where man meets animal and discovers his limits, driven by wonder and a desire to discover the mystery that connects us – thus becomes the meeting point, and sometimes the clash, between nature and culture, humans and nature, technology and ecology, but not least between man and beast. Becoming Animal aims to be as much sensory as intellectual, an invitation to explore our relationship with the “more than human world” and recognize it for what it is: an exquisitely intricate system in which everything is alive and expressive.

Director: Peter Mettler, Emma Davie
Year: 2018
Duration: 78'
Country: Switzerland/United Kingdom
Language: English with subtitles in Italian

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