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Filmare l'Architettura / Viaggio intorno alla mia camera

For this workshop’s week (Filming Architecture / A Journey Round My Room – or – How to transform the ordinary and familiar into the wild unknown), based on the book “A Journey Round My Room” (1794) by French writer Xavier de Maistre, we worked collectively on the space of each students’ bedroom, bathroom, or entire house as the site of investigation. Being our closest and most familiar environment, it was used as training territory to sharpen our sense of observation and perception towards space. Each student produced a short film that translated what they have seen, noticed, perceived, experienced and felt in relation to their living space. They were free to use any media of their choice to translate their ideas at the closest: photos, film, text, drawings, cartography or performance… A good film! Workshop Filming Architecture 2021 Accademia di Architettura di Mendrisio - USI Mentor: Ila Bêka’s Assistant: Silvia Cipelletti

Art of Thinking
Director: Alice Bidorini, Cléo Franchebourg, Costanza Croce, Daniele Boschesi, Federico Stefanoni, Jiani Suo, Mariavittora Massi, Pietro Falchi
Year: 2021
Duration: 47' 11 "
Country: Switzerland
Language: Italian, French with subtitles in English

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