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“Cambio” is an investigation conducted by Studio Formafantasma on the extraction, production, and distribution of wood products. After creating the atmosphere millions of years ago, when they emerged from the water, plants experienced various stresses due to climate change and needed protection to survive. “Cambio” references the cambium – the layer of a few cells that in trees is located between the bark and the inner body – facilitated this process by helping endangered plants become trees, producing a true biological armour: wood. The video begins with the appearance of primordial plants on Earth, their evolution into trees, and the subsequent flourishing of human life across the planet. It continues with the global expansion of the timber industry in conjunction with European exploitation and colonialism to the development of contemporary ecological movements and sustainable forestry practices. “Cambio” reconstructs the complex interaction between humans and trees by highlighting how the evolution of the former is closely connected to the arboreal world.

Director: Studio Formafantasma
Year: 2020
Duration: 23' 21 "
Country: Netherlands
Language: English with subtitles in Italian

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