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John Turturro, the American star with Italian roots, tells the story of the city of Naples through the tradition of Neapolitan music, while also examining the canzone napoletana (Neapolitan song) tradition, from the popular song of washerwomen of Vomero to Pino Daniele’s “Napule è”. Turturro moves through the alleys of Naples and lets the colours, sounds, folklore, people, dancing and land speak for themselves. The film is a sequence of many images of Naples: some old, some modern; some archive, some never before seen. There are interviews with and performances by major artists to bring to life the city’s most famous songs: from Massimo Ranieri and Enrico Caruso to Fernando De Lucia, Sergio Bruni, Enzo Avitabile and many more.

Guest Curator
Director: John Turturro
Year: 2010
Duration: 90'
Country: Italy
Language: Original language with subtitles in Italian
Screening: 21 October 2021 ore 16:30 presso Teatro Franco Parenti, Sala Testori, via Botta 18, Milano

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