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Spazio reale. Spazio d’arte. Passion in Action / La ragione del sonno genera mostri

The short film is about the Red house, where it is set, and the continuous mulling over of nightmares and fears. All the fears of the narrator take on concrete form and seem to be proven once more in this place, although he is drawn back to reality by the people living in the house for a few moments. It is a real space of anguish, fatigue and everyday life. By Anna Mazzanti (POLIMI-School of Design) and Silvia Robertazzi (MDFF) for the course Spazio reale. Spazio d’arte. "Passion in Action” (Real space. Space for art. "Passion in Action") held in 2021. With the collaboration of the teachers of Politecnico di Milano, School of Design: M. Ciancia, V. Linfanti, A. Manciaracina, W. Mattana, I. Migliore, F. Piredda, R. Trocchianesi.

Art of Thinking
Director: Erica Malara
Year: 2021
Duration: 3'
Country: Italy
Language: Italian with Italian subtitles

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