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Naturgemälde - M2-M2 Highway Mauritius

Shifting perspective: from simply Greening and Embellishment to enhancement of landscape identities. The M1/M2 landscape renewal is an incredible occasion for Mauritius to define a trend in terms of landscape interventions. The motorway can be turned into a vibrant infrastructure able to play different roles while reconnecting ecologies and landscapes. The isle showcase many different ecosystems and thus the motorways can follow and enhance such variety. The motorway can become a driver for local and global development. In the Openfabric’s vision it will be transformed in a continuous monument that enhance cultural and natural diversity, in the form of a continuous 76-kilometres botanical garden.

AFA - Architecture
Director: Samuele Wurtz
Year: 2021
Duration: 6' 5 "
Country: Italy
Language: English with subtitles in English

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