Film cover

GEO-Design / Camera Control Receveir

A webcam is installed inside the nest of the hawks in the tower of Evoluon. It is a motion sensor camera. Three photos are taken each time a movement is sensed in the nest and sent to a mailbox. Can they sense me? They look at the camera like they are gazing back. The hawks never set foot on the city. The rabbits live in the roundabout. A drama of the waiting unfolds through observation. Special thanks: Evoluon team, Frans Hijnen Under the supervision of Vinca Kruk and Daniel Van Der Velden from Metahaven / Geo-Design Master 2020-2021 by Formafantasma - Design Academy Eindhoven

Director: Yassina Ben Addallah, Julien Chaintreau, Gudrun Havsten-Mikkelsen, Anna Alessia Viggiano
Year: 2021
Duration: 9' 34 "
Country: Netherlands
Language: No dialogue

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