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Travelogue Tel Aviv

Transforming his notes into animation. Graphic designer and illustrator Samuel Patthey did just that in this short film created as his thesis at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts. Patthey spent six months Tel Aviv as part of a study abroad programme. Amazed by the strange mix of cultures and feelings, he decided to draw every corner of the city in order to better understand it. The short film is a classic travel sketchbook in which 47 vignettes come to life, narrating all the impressions, even contradictory ones, he experienced in the Israeli city. From traffic jams to the silent and deserted alleys, from the whirlwind of clubs, bars and discos that animate the nightlife to the air raid sirens, from contemporary architecture to Orthodox Jews, from the heavily armed soldiers to the homeless people rummaging in the garbage. Intense moments that render the complexity of this place.

Art of Thinking
Director: Samuel Patthey
Year: 2019
Duration: 6'
Country: Switzerland
Language: No dialogue

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