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Hangar Realoded - Hangar Design Group

40 years ago, Alberto Bovo and Sandro Menente founded the collective Hangar Design Group, whose name comes from its headquarters located in a former airship hangar in the Veneto region. This international collective of unconventional creatives is always looking for ideas and suggestions in places as close as their beloved Venice or as far away as Shanghai or New York. To celebrate their 40 years, Daniele Barraco gives us "Hangar Reloaded", a long sequence on creative thinking that finds its primary essence in travel and movement. Ideas are like fog, the visual leitmotif of the film: at first you can’t get them in focus, because everything is opaque and invisible. But little by little everything evaporates and the ideas take shape, never to disintegrate again. In the film, the members of the collective themselves become actors, moving within the cities they frequent and live in. And it is in this continuous, silent, intimate journey that their creative passion is born and nurtured.

Biography - Architecture
Director: Daniele Barraco
Year: 2021
Duration: 48'
Country: Italy
Language: Italian with subtitles in English

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