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The Thin Line

The Thin Line is about a 4000 km journey travelled by the author to explore an “invisible pipeline” that snakes its way across motorways, back roads, forests, parks, rivers, and many of the peninsula’s nature reserves and that will soon host the passage of green hydrogen. The artist’s gaze leads us in a natural way on an exploration of a physical and cultural landscape, where historical research, close-up anthropological investigations, and observation of invisible changes blend together. All this in a balance in which scenarios of an apparently intact landscape coexist, dominated by nature with its slow, reflexive rhythms, inhabited by invisible human presences and magnificent representatives of the animal world. The short film originated from a photographic project and an important testimony of compelling physical and biological micro-stories that show how, in just over twenty years, the responsibility and awareness of some industrial and economic actors towards the landscape have changed – finally – for the better. All in a virtuous synergy of respect and improvement of the very places that host them.

Director: Giada Ripa
Year: 2021
Duration: 10'
Country: Italy
Language: No dialogue

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