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Tre passi nel delirio / William Wilson

Three episodes and three directors for a collective film – all inspired by the tales of Edgar Allan Poe: "Metzengerstein" by Roger Vadim, "Toby Dammit" by Federico Fellini and “William Wilson" by Louis Malle, where the French director shot a duel of yesteryear in Bergamo Alta. As pointed out by the guest curators of MDFF 2020-2012, Barreca & La Varra, who chose only the William Wilson episode for their review of films: “Louis Malle’s Bergamo Alta is an ingenious invention for setting a tale by E.A. Poe, foggy, abstract, almost with a two-dimensional backdrop.” This movie is available only for live screening. Check our home page for the program.

Guest Curator
Director: Louis Malle
Year: 1967
Duration: 36'
Country: France/Italy
Language: English with subtitles in Italian

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