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Where to with history?

Dresden, in Germany, is famous for the meticulous reconstruction of its historical centre after it was bombed in World War Two. Since 2015, however, it has also become famous for the right-wing surge that has engulfed the city and undermined the vision of a peaceful future brought about by German reunification in 1990. Every Monday evening, the Pegida movement organises rallies in the squares to protest against foreigners, refugees, politicians and the media. The director asks whether these two things are linked, i.e. whether the attempt to reproduce the architecture that was lost in 1945 has been a crucial factor in resurrecting the political ghosts from the same era. Through interviews with stakeholders, urban planners, politicians, critics and people opposed to this movement, the film looks at the links between architecture and politics in Dresden, thereby depicting a city caught up in a painful past that may prove hard to get away from.

AFA - Urban Life - Architecture
Director: Hans Christian Post
Year: 2021
Duration: 62' 47 "
Country: Germany
Language: German with subtitles in English

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