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Pianeta Rota

The renowned Italian architect Italo Rota has been collecting objects, expressions of the city and urban development, all his life. His collection includes an unspecified number of pieces, stored in his Milan home and in a warehouse. Rota himself does not actually know how many items he owns, but he estimates over one hundred thousand. More than a collection, it is an assemblage of books, popular objects and rare works of art. In 2021 a selection of Rota's pieces were exhibited in Lucca in the exhibition "Pianeta città", organised by the Ragghianti Foundation.The documentary collects Italo Rota's testimony on the meaning of his collecting and on the use of objects as instruments for knowledge.

Art of Thinking
Director: Eleonora Mastropietro
Year: 2021
Duration: 19'
Country: Italy
Language: Italian

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