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Spazio reale. Spazio d'arte. Passion in Action / Days

Days talks about time, the time that marks our days and takes the long period of the lockdown that everyone went through during the Covid-19 epidemic into consideration. The video begins one morning when a person stuck at home wakes up and focuses the attention on the details of their environment, which had gone unnoticed up until that moment. The zoom out movement accentuates the desire to escape from reality, while a clock relentlessly marks the passing of the hours. It goes forward to then stop and go back. Almost as if it contained an everyday limbo that, like a Möbius strip, makes the day go forward and return back always in the same way. The black and white together with the musical comment that keeps us on tenterhooks, with an incessant and invasive disturbance, accentuate the sense of discomfort. By Anna Mazzanti (POLIMI-School of Design) and Silvia Robertazzi (MDFF) for the course Spazio reale. Spazio d’arte. "Passion in Action” (Real space. Space for art. "Passion in Action") held in 2021. With the collaboration of the teachers of Politecnico di Milano, School of Design: M. Ciancia, V. Linfante, A. Manciaracina, W. Mattana, I. Migliore, F. Piredda, R. Trocchianesi.

Art of Thinking
Director: Giovanni Mazzuoccolo
Year: 2021
Duration: 2' 46 "
Country: Italy
Language: No dialogue

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