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A cosmopolitan professor, Gregorio Carboni Maestri, arrives in New York in search of Andrea Palladio’s legacy and a way to convey his humanistic values to the new generations. At Yale University, some young architects are confronted with the contradictions of American Palladianism, a symbol of democracy but also of slavery. At Villa Saraceno, in the Venetian countryside, three female restoration students spend a weekend with international academics for a conference on Palladio, the architect who became the point of reference for the construction of the most important power buildings in the world. The Wall Street Stock Exchange, the White House and Capitol in Washington D.C., were built following the master’s instructions codified 450 years ago. Born in Padua in 1508, through the study of Roman ruins, Palladio reinvented the classical style and forever changed the history of architecture. The docufilm is a journey between New York, Virginia, Washington D.C., the Veneto of the great villas, and the Rome of the classical temples, to discover Palladio’s ancient world but also his very modern legacy.

AFA - Architecture
Director: Giacomo Gatti
Duration: 97'
Country: Italy/USA
Language: Original language with subtitles in Italian

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