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Hidden Territory - A busstop for Tathuen

Argentina. There is only one, old path to cross the Somuncurá plateau between Chubut and Rio Negro. It is the transhumance trail of the indigenous people, who have all but died out, colliding with the story of domestic and foreign geographical and cultural colonisation. Along this route, the designers from the interdisciplinary Swiss collective Campo Abierto have built a stop for the weekly bus. Taking their inspiration from local buildings, they used locally sourced, unused materials, such as sheepskin, and symbolic materials such as the wooden pole used as boundary markers. The small building aims to improve the connectivity of this historic cultural site, displaying the first fragment of the network to come and encouraging local communities to start up new microeconomic networks. “There is no future in architecture without a conciliatory memory between peoples in conflict,” says Campo Abierto.

AFA - Urban Life
Director: Alessio De Gottardi, Matthias Müller, Emanuel Hohl, Manuel Jäggi
Year: 2019
Duration: 6'
Country: Switzerland/Argentina
Language: Original language with subtitles in English

Messages in a bottle

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