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GEO-Design / Substance

Substance / comes from the Latin word SUB-STANS, relating to the idea that a subject has a reality, an external appearance, or skin, but underneath lies its fundamental entity, which we can’t access due to the layer. Global warming/climate change is not a shared reality. We are limited by our human senses and cannot comprehend the minor changes around us. We notice a change when it comes into our Umwelt, but when they happen outside, we easily miss them. We feel rain when it hits our skin, but we don’t sense wind when it hits a rock. Every animate & inanimate subject has its own Umwelt. We used a camera as a sensor to sense other Umwelts. Learning from these “sensors” allows us to connect to something bigger, which misses our accustomed spatial and temporal dimensions. Under the supervision of Vinca Kruk and Daniel Van Der Velden from Metahaven / Geo-Design Master 2020-2021 by Formafantasma - Design Academy Eindhoven

Director: Jaykishan Mistry, Claudia Predes Intriago, Lorenzo Vitagliano, Kathleen Berthus
Year: 2021
Duration: 8' 2 "
Country: Netherlands
Language: Original language with subtitles in English

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