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Openings / Gazed beyond the limit

Along the Via Emilia, the geographical threshold par excellence that has marked Italy for millennia, on a journey made of stops, crossings, wanderings. Openings explores the world of architectural elements that embody the idea of “threshold” – of openness and relationship between inside and outside – through the voices of Italian and international architects, but also listening to those who speak the language of music, sport, art, and the territory. Tackling the idea of threshold in immaterial, almost “spiritual”, terms, the film explores the close relationships between art and life, necessity and creative effort, philosophy and civil thought. Our guides include Davide Cassani (Italian national cycling commissioner), Guido Guidi (photographer), Fiorenzo Valbonesi and Simone Sfriso (architects), Andrea Stella (founder of Lo Spirito di Stella) and Rossella Miccio (President of Emergency), but also Raoul Casadei, the king of ballroom dancing, the histrionic musician who made Romagna a true “state of mind”, and Álvaro Siza, one of the great masters of contemporary architecture.

Design - Art of Thinking
Director: Francesca Molteni, Mattia Colombo
Year: 2021
Duration: 52'
Country: Italy
Language: Italian with subtitles in English

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