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Mille cipressi (Thousand cypresses)

Inside his kitchen, a man is making a packed lunch. He has decided to visit Brion Cemetery, a monumental burial complex designed by architect Carlo Scarpa between 1970 and 1978. The project was commissioned by Onorina Tomasin to honour the memory of her late beloved husband Giuseppe Brion – founder of the company Brionvega – and to preserve his remains and those of other family members. The burial complex is located in the small cemetery of San Vito, in the hamlet of Altivole in the province of Treviso. Having placed his food into a polka-dotted plastic bag, the protagonist of this short film walks inside the cemetery, observing with meticulous care the details designed by the Venetian architect. And even though the atmosphere is rarefied and shrouded in silence, the precious words pronounced by the famous architect in a conference held in Madrid in the summer of 1978 begin to resound in his head.

Architecture - Art of Thinking
Director: Luca Ferri
Year: 2021
Duration: 13'
Country: Italy
Language: English with subtitles in English

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