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GEO-Design / Is this still me

“Once our voice is converted into binary, scaled up to data, we become an amalgamation of intersecting cycles; becoming something bigger which have effects that go beyond the digital realm they are encapsulated in.” Following how data travels in a loop through different scales of infrastructure and environments from one device to another, a hybrid video performance is being shown through zoom as two computers communicate to demonstrate how instantaneous this data travels and how a mundane act has a ripple effect through a global system. Where do natural and technological cycles intersect? How do we experience the new scenarios that sensors create? What does the self-become when recorded by a sensor? Under the supervision of Vinca Kruk and Daniel Van Der Velden from Metahaven / Geo-Design Master 2020-2021 by Formafantasma - Design Academy Eindhoven

Director: Moe Asari, Felix Bell, Anna Peruguini, Gerardo Sandoval Osio
Year: 2021
Duration: 5' 22 "
Country: Netherlands
Language: English with subtitles in English

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