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Milano 20/21

We see empty and rusty billboards, storefronts closed due to the business stoppage, but also national flags everywhere and an industrial archaeology on the verge of dissolution. How has the perception of the city changed during the pandemic? The short film Milano 20/21 develops through images and music; it is divided into scenes, each of which includes one or more episodes. Only the return of the image of the Duomo, symbol of the Lombard capital, marks the chronology. For the rest, both the temporal and spatial dimensions follow an intimate narrative thread. Some scenes are about pure perception: the anguish of the streets at night, the wonder that arises from particular views of the city, the transformation of construction sites and advertisements into dreamlike images. Then, slowly, we glimpse the release from the emergency and the birth of a new vision of the big changes to come, starting from a tumultuous and perhaps contradictory urban development.

AFA - Urban Life
Director: Maurizio Dalla Palma
Year: 2021
Duration: 26'
Country: Italy
Language: No dialogue

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